Friday, December 3, 2010

Ha Ha Heathens at The Steve Allen Theatre

Atheists United Los Angeles Presents...
Ha Ha Heathens
New Year's Celebration

Who: Keith Lowell Jensen, Troy Conrad, Betsy Salkind and Trevor Hill
When: December 31, 2010. 8pm
Where: The Steve Allen Theatre, 4773 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90027
How Much: $15 Proceeds to benefit Atheists United, Los Angeles
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An all atheist comedy show. You probably won't be struck by lightning if you attend. You definitely won't be made to sing, kneel, pray or tithe as this godless batch of funny folks serve up sacred cow, well done. People of all faiths are welcome and, so long as they bring their senses of humor, sure to have a good time.
Ha Ha Heathens has played before sold out audiences in San Francisco and Sacramento and is now making it's way to Los Angeles for the first time..

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Keith Lowell Jensen
Best known as the atheist comedian on the popular Coexist? Comedy Tour, Keith Lowell Jensen was also recently seen on Lopez Tonight where performed in a skit with George Lopez and Chris Rock. He also appeared on Spike TV's Manswers as a panhandling expert, proudly displaying his "Atheist, will convert for food" cardboard sign and asking a busload of school children to hand over their lunch money. Jensen's CD "To The Moon; Live at Luna's" was named one of the best comedy CDs of 2009 by The Serious Comedy Site and his recently released documentary film "Why Lie; I Need A Drink" screened at theatres from New York to California before being released on DVD this past November.

Troy Conrad
Troy Conrad has no fear of making the controversial into comedy and standing for a rational world. A writer for The Jay Mohr Roast on NBC, and a guest on The Stephanie Miller Show, Sirius/XM Radio, and Pacifica Radio, his work has also been featured on The Thom Hartmann Program and The Young Turks. One of the few writers to complete the writing programs at Second City Los Angeles Conservatory, iO West, and Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. He has performed at comedy clubs throughout the U.S., and festivals including Montreal, Dublin, Philadelphia, Calgary, and Vancouver, and Minneapolis. After performing with Arizona’s professional Shakespeare company, Southwest Shakespeare, he moved to Los Angeles not for sitcom fame, but for the good soil to grow good projects and develop as an artist.

His live DVD, “The Comedy Jesus Show,” is available at stores throughout North America. A former fundamentalist and door-to-door Bible salesman, Troy has an inside perspective on the dangers of religion and obedience and reaches a tremendous number of people. The videos he has produced, directed, or appeared in, such as “Intervention: iPhone Apps” have been viewed over 10 million times. He is also the producer of The David Feldman Comedy Podcast on iTunes, the Funny or Die series, “Runyon: Just Above Sunset,” and the upcoming Howard Bloom project “The Truth at Any Price.” Rational Entertainment will soon be releasing the DVD of “Inside the Decider,” a deep and honest version of George W. Bush’s memoir “Decision Points.”

Betsy Salkind
The Boston Globe said, "there are countless ways to make someone laugh, and Betsy Salkind knows most of them. Want sarcastic wit? Political humor? Or maybe just a good animal mime? Salkind can pull all that off and more.” Best known as 'Squirrel Lady,' Betsy has appeared on "Girls Night Out," "Last Comic Standing," and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
She was a staffwriter for SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL and ROSEANNE, and is author of "More Than Once Upon A Time" and "Betsy's Sunday School Bible Classics (children's books for adults) as well as the blog "Ethel's Law." Betsy's Sunday School Bible Classics is an Award Finalist for the 2010 USA Book Awards (humor).

Trevor Hill
Trevor Hill was a favorite at the San Francisco "Ha Ha Heathens" when the godless comedy show visited his hometown earlier this year. The young comedian draws on his personal life in a way that is charming and hilariously honest including his observations made while  traveling to the world's most spiritual places, the middle east and Las Vegas.
We feel most fortunate having this San Francisco Bay Area favorite on loan to us for the night.

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  1. I can hardly wait!! A lot of comedians are atheists, but I've never seen an all-atheist show!
    This will be great! If you're in LA and an atheist and not there, you just don't like to laugh!